A03- Fresh Rolls (Shrimps & Pork) (2 rolls)

Shrimp, pork, vegetables & vermicelli rolled in rice paper wrap.
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A01- Spring Rolls (2 rolls)

Crispy fried rice paper rolls stuffed with shrimp & pork, mixed with vegetables...

A02- Vegetarian Spring Rolls (6 rolls)

Egg rolls stuffed with vegetables.

A09- Grilled Minced Shrimps on Sugar Cane (2 pieces)

A11- Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Butter (6 pieces)

A13- Deep Fried Shrimp Wonton (8 dumplings)

A04- Fresh Rolls (Shredded Pork & Pork Skin) (2 rolls)

Shredded pork, shredded pork skin & vegetables rolled in rice paper wr...

A07- Mango Salad with Shrimps

Fresh julienned mango with tiger shrimps mixed with lettuce, carrots &...

A21- Shrimp Rolls (2 rolls)

Shrimps, vegetables & vermicelli rolled in rice paper wrap.

A19- Crispy Calamari

Deep fried squids serve with House Tamarind sauce.

A16- Shrimp Wonton Soup (8 dumplings)

A12- Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Fish sauce (6 pieces)

A18- Deep Fried Pork Sausage (8 pieces)

A05- Pork Sausage Rolls (2 rolls)

Pork sausage, vegetables & vermicelli rolled in rice paper.

A15- Minced Beef on Shrimp Crackers (8 pcs)

A24- Stir-Fried mixed Vegetables with Garlic

A17- Beef Balls Soup (10 pieces)

A06- Mango Salad with Chicken

Fresh julienned mango with chicken slices mixed with lettuce, carrots &...

A22- Grill Pork Sausages (2 rolls)

A14- Deep Fried Shrimp Bean Curd (4 pieces)

A23- Deep Fried Tofu

A20- Vegetable Fresh Rolls (2 rolls)

Vegetables, tofu & vermicelli rolled in rice paper wrap.

A10- House Stir-Fried Beef Cubes

Stir-fried strip loin with onions, green & red peppers served with House's...
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A08- Mango Salad

A08- Mango Salad

Fresh julienned mango mixed with lettuce, carrots and red peppers in tamarind...